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The T3 side filter also provides clean, filtered air for:

  • Exhaust gases and fumes
  • Viral influenza 
  • Industrial emissions
  • Dust
  • PM2.5


Recommended Use: 

  • Fully wrap over nose and mouth, placing straps behind ears
  • Do not squeeze dry to avoid stretching


Recommended Washing Method:

  • Lightly over tap water
  • Can be washed by soaking
  • Do not squeeze dry
  • Self dries in under 1 hour


T3 Masks is suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities where dust or contaminated air may be present.


Multiple Uses

Also can be used for other activities to protect the respiratory system in events such as: Mountain-biking, running, horse riding, snowboarding, skiing, rock-climbing, cycling, walking, motorcycling, etc.


    For maximized performance, the mask must be sealed properly around the nose and mouth, so that all inhaled air can pass through the filter.


    • 100% Brand new
    • Washable, can be repeatedly used
    • Collapsible, you can put it inside your pocket and bring it anywhere
    • Elastic widened ear strap design, wear easily, stronger and more comfortable
    • An upgraded version of the breathing valve reduces heat and humidity, making it more comfortable to wear

    Free Size: Adults (Not suitable for children)


    Ships to Singapore 



    Washable Filtered Face Respiratory Mask


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