Pet Respiratory Mask PM2.5 Filter for Dogs


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Recommended for:
1. Dogs with respiratory tract diseases or respiratory sensitivity
2. Protection against viruses while on walks
3. Air quality is bad or hazy
4. Dogs with allergies
5. Preventing your dog from licking public surfaces
6. Pollen seasons


Not Recommended For:

Tiny-sized dogs (Teacup poodles, Pomeranians, Yorkshire Terriers)

Flat-Faced dogs (Pitbull, Pug, French Bulldogs)



1) Your pet may show conflicting behaviors wearing the pet mask for the first time. If your canine friend is displaying discomfort while wearing the product, remove product and help your canine to get accustomed to it by slowly wearing it and removing it multiple times.


2) You can fit a piece of 3-Ply Surgical Mask (no, we don't sell it) inside the mask, in between your pet's nose and the filter for additional inhalation protection 


3) Highly effective in stopping pets from licking public surfaces which may contain harmful germs and viruses while out on walks


How to wear the Pet Respiratory Mask PM2.5 Filter on your dog:
1. Put the respirator around your pet's snout
2. Loop strap around pet's head behind ears and tighten if necessary


Size Guide

To measure your pet's size for the mask, measure your pet's snout length.


Small: Head Circumference 24cm (9.36 inch), 8cm snout length

Medium: Head Circumference 26cm (10.14 inch), 9cm snout length

Large: Head Circumference 29cm (11.41 inch), 10.5cm snout length


Each order includes: 1 piece Pet Mask for Dogs


Pet Respiratory Filtered Mask for Dogs

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