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Call/WhatsApp: +65 8183 0626 (Mon - Fri, 11am - 6pm SGT)

Where is T-Care Masks based from? 

We are based in Singapore.

Bulk/Large orders

Please check with us first by enquiring on our contact form.

Do you do refunds?

Yes. We'll refund your order as long as you have not received a confirmation of your order being shipped, or if your product doesn't reach you by 60 days from the date of your order. Simply call us with your order number and email address used to make your purchase.

Can I call in and be an entitled customer?

You can act any way you want when you contact us, however kindly note that we will reciprocate our tone in the same manner that you project yours. Our staff at T-Care reserves full rights not to serve or be nice to rude customers.

Do you sell 3-ply surgical masks?

No we do not.

Before you order

Note that you should expect up to 45 days for delivery to your address due to the current COVID19 situation. If you are unable to wait, PLEASE DO NOT PLACE YOUR ORDER.

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